How Does High Humidity Affect The Cooling Performance Of An HVAC System

The effects of an air conditioning unit are canceled out when the air contains high levels of humidity. When humidity increases, your home feels warmer than your thermostat indicates, despite how long you run the air conditioning unit. Often it is required to install a high-velocity AC for older homes to combat a humidity issue.

What is a High-Velocity HVAC System? 

The climate control within your home will be so powerful with a high-velocity HVAC system installed. Not even the coldest winters or hottest heat waves will be able to compete with your new HVAC system. A high-velocity HVAC system is like a standard duct-based cooling and heating system. It uses a group of small tubes joined together by an individual condenser outside. The condenser’s function is to regulate the climate and temperature of the entire home. Installation of a high-velocity HVAC system is noticeably less invasive than installing the traditional duct-based system. Homeowners can enjoy their new HVAC system and avoid the need to replace drywall and other damage caused by duct-based installation. 

High-Velocity HVAC System Pros & Cons 

Although there are no perfect heating and cooling solutions, our high-velocity systems offer several advantages:

Why You Need Professional Help with Your HVAC System 

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