High-Velocity Systems: Ideal for Older Homes

High Velocity Systems Ideal for Older Homes

Intense summer heat and the frostiest of winter days can’t compete with the powerful climate control that high-velocity HVAC systems provide. There’s nothing quite like walking into a perfectly cooled or comfortably cozy home after you’ve been outside for a while, and thanks to the latest advances in high-velocity technology, whole-house comfort is now easier to install and more affordable than ever before.

Although similar to traditional duct-based heating and cooling systems, high-velocity systems utilize a series of smaller tubes that are connected with a single exterior condenser to provide house-wide temperature regulation. Since the installation process is considerably less intrusive than your standard ductwork installation, this has become our most popular option for anyone with an older home where traditional ducts don’t fit. Also, since there are fewer installation steps involved, high-velocity systems are great for homeowners hoping to avoid excessive drywall replacement, potential structural damage, or prolonged installation times. 

Pros & Cons of High-Velocity Heating & Cooling

While our high-velocity systems boast a considerable variety of advantages, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all heating and cooling solution. Every system should always be tailored to the specific parameters and cost-effective needs of your home. So, what are some of the reasons homeowners often choose a high-velocity system over a traditional or ductless system? 

  • High-velocity systems replicate the whole-house comfort of traditional HVAC installations when ductwork is not available or desirable.
  • The forced air design can heat and cool an entire home faster than a traditional duct system.
  • High-velocity vents are half the size of traditional duct vents and can be strategically placed in preferred spots.
  • Since the tubing and single exterior unit are easier to install, there is less risk of damage to interior wiring, walls, and other interior features.
  • High-velocity systems remove up to 30% more humidity than traditional HVAC systems

Despite these notable advantages, there are also a few downsides to these systems, such as:

  • Since all of the tubes connect with a single condenser unit outside, you cannot individually control specific room temperatures unless you have multiple units installed. 
  • Due to the high-velocity airflow, you will hear a “whoosh” of air as the unit turns on. Because of this added force, you will feel the warm or cool air blowing more noticeably from the vents. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but some people prefer the slower cooling/heating that a traditional duct system provides. 
  • While easier to manage than a traditional HVAC installation, our high-velocity system installers need to pass the lines through your home’s walls, and this can result in longer than anticipated installations if blockages or other interior features create complications.

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