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Improving the quality of life in Warrington, PA since 2005, we’re proud to offer an expansive line of the latest heating, cooling, and other comfort solutions. We stand behind every quality upgrade and repair with a responsive team of HVAC home comfort specialists that is highly qualified, professional, friendly, and ready to help whenever you need us! 

Our technicians are knowledgeable & experience with everything from mini-split air conditioners to complex generator, furnace, and ductwork installations. We can assist with any HVAC services.  All heating, cooling, and indoor comfort technology, and we go above and beyond to adjust our helpful services around your home comfort needs and budget. 

Before we arrive for an HVAC installation or Heat & AC repair, our goal is to stay up to date on HVAC education and provide helpful guidance to prepare you to make the best HVAC decision for your needs. We’ll inform you about the different HVAC services we offer, provide detailed documentation with every repair or maintenance service, and work hard to establish confidence and trust in our services with transparent pricing and professional service information. 

Why Choose Energy-Star Services as your HVAC Home Comfort Specialist

Our HVAC contractors will provide you with best Heat & AC recommendations. In many situations, we can provide multiple repair solutions or cost-saving installations to achieve a desirable indoor comfort for the most affordable cost. Early prevention with better HVAC care is our primary strategy, and we offer a range of HVAC maintenance plans also known as our “Club memberships”  which include extra perks. In addition to our affordable repair solutions and a greater selection of built-to-last HVAC installations, we also provide: 

  • 20+ Years of Experience 
  • Price Match Guarantee
  • FREE ESTIMATE on replacing or upgrading your existing system 
  • Next-Day Installations & Repairs
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • Seasonal Promotions
  • & More

To learn more view our Membership page.

HVAC Company in Warrington

Heat & AC Repair Experts in Warrington, PA

Since HVAC systems are complex mechanisms investing in timely heating repairs, AC repairs, and preventive HVAC maintenance should never be delayed. We’re dedicated problem solvers, and our responsive HVAC services provide more than simple comfort restoration; our emergency heating repairs and HVAC care solutions are designed to protect you and your property from difficult-to-diagnose issue avoidable replacements, and further damage to your expensive HVAC equipment. 

When our licensed experts in Warrington, PA arrive, you can expect safe, clean, and courteous equipment care. We carefully diagnose the issue, and guarantee flawless HVAC performance with manufacturer-approved AC repairs and durable components specific to your heating, cooling, and ventilation equipment. Our licensed HVAC technicians understand HVAC regulations in Warrington, PA, and will assure you that your equipment is up to standards.

Tips to Maintain Your HVAC System

Extending the life of your HVAC system requires consistent maintenance. You can avoid the need for repair or replacement services for your HVAC unit by:

  • Changing Your Filters Regularly: Dirty air filters in your heating or air conditioning system reduce efficiency. 
  • Clean The Vents: Make sure your air vents are not blocked by furniture and that you dust them regularly. 
  • Inspect Your Ductwork: Every so often, make sure you’re inspecting your ductwork for leaks, damage, or other signs of buildup. Our company can handle these inspections for you! 
  • Keep The Outdoor Unit Clean: Especially as the seasons change, make sure your outdoor HVAC unit is free of leaves, twigs, or other debris. 
  • Schedule Regular Maintenance: Our company in Warrington, PA provides expert heating and AC maintenance service. Learn more about how our Club Membership can help you save and keep your HVAC in top condition! 
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Fast & Reliable 24-Hour Emergency HVAC Services 

Even with the best ongoing HVAC maintenance or professional AC installations in Warminster, PA, every system will eventually fail. Whether the breakdown is caused by aging components or an unavoidable accident, we strive to minimize equipment downtime with more technicians, a wider range of services, and well-equipped professionals who arrive with the tools they need to solve your issues in less time. Our fleet in Warrington, PA is on standby 24/7, and the guaranteed and Your Comfort is our number one priority. 

HVAC Contractor in Warrington, PA

Learn More About Our Affordable Upgrades in Warrington, PA

When it’s finally time for a new AC or heating Heating or AC installation, our affordable units and flexible financing minimize upfront costs while simultaneously improving the efficiency of your heating and cooling performance. Even if your unit is still working, many of our customers rely on our experts for a heating or AC replacement, indoor air purification system for improved air quality, smart home integration, and impressive energy savings for years to come. 

However we can improve your comfort and cut your costs, we’re a team of solution-oriented professionals that will find a way. Give us a call today, and discover why home and business owners across Warrington continue to trust in Energy-Star Services for all of their advanced heating, cooling, and indoor comfort needs.

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