The Benefits of an HVAC Maintenance Agreement


Our Saver Plan offers a variety of benefits for you and your home

Your home's HVAC systems need to be checked and maintained by professionals on a regular basis to ensure they're operating efficiently and without issue. Luckily, at Energy-Star Services we offer discounted rates on regular maintenance when you sign up for a Club Membership Saver Plan.

Become an Energy-Star Services Club Member and Start Saving Today!
  1. We'll be Your Reminder: Keeping track of all the various tasks around the house can be a tough undertaking. Take one more item off your list by allowing us to handle your HVAC maintenance needs. We'll perform a regular maintenance checkup at the beginning of each season and follow up with a reminder to schedule your next maintenance call.
  2. Your Units Will Last Longer: Just like any complex machine, your home's heating and air conditioning units require a certain amount of maintenance to ensure their parts don't wear or malfunction. By performing this regular service, you extend the life of your equipment, add value to your home, and save yourself the headache of shopping for replacement systems.
  3. We'll Keep Track of your Systems' Maintenance History: If you're looking to sell your home, or are just trying to keep on top of your home's various systems, a maintenance contract with us can help save you time and frustration. A service agreement with us means that every check-up, tune-up, and repair is documented and kept neatly in our system. This helps us to keep track of your heating and cooling systems' health and will also provide proof of the condition of your home's most valuable systems.
  4. You'll Avoid Emergency Fixes: Life without heating or cooling in your home can be uncomfortable or downright dangerous. Don't let minor problems go undetected and turn into major failures down the road. Regular maintenance check-ups will ensure catastrophic problems are avoided by diagnosing the root problems early on.
  5. You'll Save Money! On top extending your systems' lifespans and avoiding emergency repairs and replacement, you'll also save money on each and every check-up. Our service contract rates feature significant discounts on regular maintenance check-ups, meaning you'll be paying less for the same great service every time we make a trip to your home.
  6. With so many great advantages, it's a wonder everyone doesn't sign up for a service agreement with Energy-Star Services. Our professional team of experts has been serving the communities in and around Philadelphia for decades, earning us the trust of countless home owners and business owners. Call us today to speak with a representative and get started with your service contract today!