Should I Be Worried About Condensation On My HVAC Unit?

Is your HVAC unit sweating as much as you do during the summer heat? Condensation emitted from your cooling appliances is a common occurrence during the warmest months of the year. Think of your cooling system as if it were a glass of cold iced tea. Notice how droplets of water form on the outside of the glass? These droplets of moisture are similar to the condensation on the AC unit. 

During the process of your cooling system working to cool the warm air, the evaporator coil absorbs moisture and heat in the air. This is when condensation develops. The condensation then gathers in the drain pan of the system. If the system has been taken care of correctly and is not clogged, the condensation drains through the drain line and exits the house. It is completely normal for a small amount of condensation to build up in a cooling system. Particularly in climates that are hot and humid. Condensation happens when air that is moist and warm comes in contact with a cool area. Much the same as your ice-cold drinking glass does when it sweats.

Eliminate Condensation From Your HVAC Unit

You can decrease the level of humidity that is in the air near the HVAC unit’s air ducts by using a dehumidifier. Clean the air ducts regularly to keep them from clogging and restricting the amount of airflow going through. In addition, the air filters could also be changed at least quarterly. 

Is Condensation Harmful?

An HVAC system that is well-maintained and running properly will typically have some condensation. However, excessive condensation such as dripping or sweating of ducts on the outside of the unit may indicate a problem. Too much condensation can cause the drainage system of an AC to become overwhelmed. The harm that extreme levels of humidity cause can result in mildew and mold growth, causing damage to the unit’s structure due to water draining and the formation of puddles.

The Impact of a Heat Wave

The majority of AC systems are made to work in temperatures of less than 100 degrees. Therefore, should temperatures exceed this level, your HVAC system will use more energy and start to fail or malfunction. 

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