Seasonal HVAC Maintenance: Preparing for Pennsylvania and New Jersey Winters

Living in the northeast United States, such as in the states of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, can be a great overall experience. One of the reasons that people enjoy living here is that they can experience the change in season. As the weather starts to cool and winter approaches, it is very important that you ensure your home is ready. One part of this includes making sure your home HVAC system is ready to work efficiently and keep your home warm. There are various seasonal HVAC maintenance tips to follow to ensure your home is prepared for the winter months ahead.

Replace Filters

One of the tips that you need to follow when preparing your home for the winter is to replace the filters. The filters of an HVAC system are important as they can help to keep pieces of dust and debris from getting into the system. This can protect your HVAC units and improve air quality. However, filters do need to be replaced at least every few months. Doing so before the start of winter is a good option for many to ensure your heating system can run cleanly.

Clean Out Ducts

The air ducts in your home are very important as they are what is used to transport heated air throughout your home. Even if you replace your filters regularly, dust is bound to accumulate in the ducts. If the dust and debris are not cleaned out regularly, they can accumulate, block airflow, and even grow mold and cause serious damage. Accordingly, you should have your ducts cleaned out prior to the start of winter. This will ensure your ducts are able to work properly and safely.

Check and Replace Thermostat if Necessary

The thermostat of your home is very important as it will control the function of your HVAC system. Because of this, you need to know that it is working properly. If it is not working, you should have it replaced before the start of the winter season. Investing in a smart thermostat could be a good option as it will offer you more control and remote capabilities, both of which could help reduce your energy bills throughout the winter.

Professional Inspection

It is also a good idea to have your home heating and air conditioning system properly inspected before the start of the winter season. There are many parts of a heating system that need to be working properly to ensure your HVAC is efficient and effective. A local contractor can come out and complete a full inspection and any additional tune-up services you need. This can help ensure the system is ready to work efficiently

Make Necessary Repairs

During an inspection, your HVAC contractor may identify additional repair needs. When in need of HVAC repair in Cherry Hill, NJ, rely on Energy-Star Services. We ensure your repairs are completed the right way and on time. This will help you avoid more serious and costly repairs, which can occur during the middle of winter when you need the system to work the most. If you’re looking for the best way to be proactive against HVAC malfunctions, join our club membership program! With priority routine service and 30% off all necessary repairs, you’ll always know that your system is working properly. 

Prepare For The Season With Energy-Star Services 

When you are looking to get your home ready for winter, ensuring your home HVAC system is up and running well is very important. When you need HVAC services in Langhorne, PA or other PA or NJ towns, give us a call. Our professional seasonal HVAC services can help ensure your home heating system is ready for the winter months ahead.