There’s nothing worse than when your heating system isn’t working in the cold winter months when you need it the most. Taking a proactive approach throughout the entire year to your HVAC upkeep and maintenance is essential for a smooth running system. Many times, maintaining your heating system is an afterthought that causes higher energy bills and unforeseen repairs. Partnering with Energy-Star Services means you get a trusted professional on your side who will routinely evaluate your unit to ensure you are warm, comfortable, and safe. From checking electrical connections to lubricating parts, and inspecting the overall system, we will take care of things before they become bigger issues. However, in the event your system malfunctions, take a look at what to do.

First, Evaluate The Problem

Before panic sets in, take a deep breath and evaluate the problem. Some issues like a tripped circuit breaker or thermostat control can be easily fixed. Refer to your owner’s manual for troubleshooting guidance. It may be as simple as replacing a dirty air filter or changing the batteries on your digital thermostat. If this doesn’t successfully solve the problem, you should consult a certified HVAC contractor in Fort Washington, PA like Energy-Star Services to see if you need your system repaired or replaced. We will provide prompt heating repairs and consult you on the condition of your current system.

How Our Team Of Professionals Can Help

When you realize you can’t find or fix why your heating system isn’t working properly, contact Energy-Star Services for HVAC repair in Blue Bell, PA. It is important to note that attempting to make repairs to your system could cause more problems. It is also dangerous and a safety risk when you aren’t trained to repair heating systems. We will take a look and evaluate your situation and get to the bottom of the problem.

Repair or Replace: Factors to Consider

In the event you are faced with deciding whether to repair your system or replace it, it is important to understand the pros and cons of both. For example, if your system is older, investing in a new one may be a better investment for the long term. Or if it is a simple and quick fix, you may decide to go with the repair. Take a look at the things to think about:

  • How Old Is Your HVAC System? The average system runs smoothly between 15 and 20 years. If your furnace is only a few years old, repairs may be a better option. If it is older and close to the 20-year mark, repairs are probably going to be more common, and replacing it could be a smarter, long-term investment.
  • Are Repairs a Temporary Or Long-Term Fix? If your older system is constantly having issues and needs repairs, this is a sign it might be on its last leg. Replacing it with a newer system will not only give you peace of mind but save you money on costly and constant repairs.
  • Are Your Utility Bills Soaring? Older HVAC systems are less energy efficient and could be the cause of your high utility bills. New models are more innovative and designed to use less energy and save you money.

Contact Energy-Star Services For Prompt Service

Your comfort is our priority. If your system isn’t working, and you feel left out in the cold, you need a professional to repair it promptly and efficiently. Our reliable, certified, and qualified team is here to repair or replace your heating system. Learn about our products and services, and how we will work with you throughout the entire year to keep your home comfortable. Call today.