Keep Your Home Comfortable During Fall Temperature Fluctuation

It’s difficult to predict what the weather will do during a change of seasons in Pennsylvania. That’s why it’s in your best interest to optimize your HVAC to ensure your home is comfortable, no matter the temperature. What you choose to do will depend on your budget and home restrictions, but there are options available for all kinds of settings.

Inspect for Drafts

Check that there are no drafts around your doors and windows. Even if you have a newer build or brand-new windows, you should still examine the caulking and weather stripping. Take a look at the window screens and the exterior of your doors and windows to ensure there are no problems. 

Furnace Inspection

It’s so important to have a furnace inspection before you plan to use it. Get the filters replaced and make sure that you change them out every few months when they’re in use. A technician from Energy-Star Services, one of the top HVAC companies in Bucks County, PA can assist you with this so that you don’t miss anything and the process is done safely and efficiently.

Heating System Testing

Test out your heating system before fall or early in the season so that you know if the system or components need repairs or replacement before you want to use it. It’s a good idea to tackle the smaller problems quickly before they turn into larger ones. An experienced professional can assist you with checking things out and determining if there are any issues.

Instead of a completely new unit, you might just need HVAC repair in Doylestown, PA for your existing heating system. Getting regular maintenance on your HVAC system is an important part of homeownership. With fluctuating fall temperatures and winter on the horizon, now is the time to take advantage of Energy-Star Services’ maintenance promo! Spend $78 on heater maintenance and get an A/C tune-up for free! This one-time offer for new customers will ensure your HVAC system can handle even the most dramatic temperature change. Get your BOGO offer before it expires on October 8, 2023! 


New Heating Systems and Maintenance

If you want to save on energy bills or something that aligns more with your needs, consider the installation of a new unit or system that works with your home’s needs.

Are there rooms in your home that just aren’t warm or cool enough? You can opt for a ductless heating/cooling system that works with greater efficiency. You can have room-to-room temperature control. In many instances, there is little to no construction necessary to put in a ductless system. A technician can install units for a single room or that are equipped to work in multiple rooms in your home.

Floor heating is another excellent choice if you want something a bit different. It conducts heat beneath your floor’s surface and works with electric wires or hot water tubes that are within the floor. 

The change of seasons brings different responsibilities and tasks to create a comfortable home environment. Reach out to Energy-Star Services by calling 215-600-2422. Trust in our team to provide you with quality repair, installation, and replacement services in Bucks County and beyond.