How a High Velocity AC Unit Will Keep You Cool This Summer

Are you interested in upgrading your AC unit before the summer weather hits? A high-velocity AC unit can offer many great benefits over a traditional unit. If you haven’t considered this option, we’ll cover what it is and why it’s the best upgrade for your home this summer. Read on to learn more about why you should consider a high-velocity HVAC in Philadelphia.

What Is a High-Velocity AC?

A high-velocity AC is similar to a standard HVAC in that there is a heat pump or condenser outside, which provides the source of your cool air. This cool air then travels through your home, exiting out vents. 

The changes begin with the ducts. Instead of the standard large ducts an HVAC system uses, high-velocity AC uses skinny tubing. It’s flexible and only two inches in diameter. In addition, the vents are significantly smaller. The average HVAC vent in a home is six inches tall and a foot wide, while a high-velocity AC vent is five inches in diameter and round.

The cool air is moved from the outdoor unit to a high-velocity air handler that forces the air through your home with more speed than an HVAC system.

The Benefits of a High-Velocity AC Unit

Because the air moves so quickly through a high-velocity AC unit, it will circulate through the room and cool the air much faster. The room will reach the ideal temperature faster than with alternative cooling options, making for much better climate control. This also means it will need to run significantly less to cool your entire home. Running less often means it will consume less energy. Because it consumes less energy, you’ll save a lot of money on your monthly energy costs.

These systems also have the capacity to move air four times faster than traditional HVAC units. Because of this, hot air pockets won’t linger for very long, and humidity within your home will be dramatically reduced by up to 30%.

You’ll enjoy a faster, more efficient installation because there is no need for invasive procedures. Because the tubing is flexible, you have a say in where it goes. It’s not dictated by the design of your home or rooms.

Don’t Wait Until the Summer Heat Hits Before You Make Your Decision To Upgrade

If you’re tired of the summer heat in your home year after year, don’t wait until the summer hits before you decide to upgrade your system. Reach out to the best HVAC company in Bucks County, PA. Here at Energy-Star Services, we can upgrade your AC to a high-velocity system, ensuring you have total home comfort this summer. Reach out for more information!