Gas & Oil Heater Repair Checklist

Maintaining your Gas | Oil Furnace is essential to keeping your equipment healthy year after year. Proper maintenance is also the only way to ensure your system is running at its most efficient rate and to catch possible problems before they cause catastrophic damage. There’s a few steps you can take to make help extend the lifespan of your heating equipment.

Gas Heater Check-up

  1. Clean and Dust – Like any piece of equipment, you should ensure that the components and the space surrounding them are free of dust, dirt, and debris. These contaminants can do more damage than you might expect.
  2. Inspect Filters – Heater air filters need to be replaced or cleaned regularly to ensure your home is free of pollutants that come from your furnace system. While gas furnaces are far cleaner than their oil counterparts, they still need to treat the heated air before dispersing it through your home. If your filters are dirty, you can easily swap them out and immediately improve the quality of your home’s air and the efficiency of your heating system.
Gas & Oil Heater Repair Checklist

Oil Heater Repair

  1. Clean/Replace Filters – Oil furnaces utilize both an oil filter and an air filter to maintain clean and efficient operation. Each filter will require changing periodically in order to get the most out of your heating equipment. If you’re noticing more soot around your furnace or vents, your filters could be to blame.
  2. Clean and Dust – Oil furnaces are notorious for generating soot. But a healthy, well-maintained oil heater is capable of operating without dirtying the space around it. To encourage optimal operation, keep the area around your furnace clean and tidy. This will also make it easier for a professional technician to access your equipment and diagnose problems should your furnace stop working.
  3. Look for Trouble Signs – Black soot around your furnace black smoke coming from your chimney, and rattling noise coming from your equipment are all signs of trouble and should be inspected by a licensed professional before continued use.
  4. Professional Heater Repair Services – There are a number of components to your oil furnace that are best left to a professional technician for inspection. The fan belt, blower motor, and burner nozzle each perform vital tasks for your furnace, and need to be professionally cleaned, lubricated, and inspected on a regular basis. Don’t trust this kind of task to just anyone.


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