Ductless Systems: No Ducts, No Problem

Ductless Systems: No Ducts, No Problem

The latest advances in ductless heating and cooling have revolutionized home comfort with a budget-friendly and non-invasive installation. Ideal for controlling the specific climate in almost any room, our versatile ductless systems can provide fresh cool air or cozy warmth in any space where traditional heating/cooling options are not applicable.

Despite their compact size and ultra-quiet operation, our revolutionary systems can cool and warm spaces efficiently, maintain a precise internal temperature with the press of a button, and will save you thousands of dollars over expensive duct installations or inefficient systems that rack up the utility bills each month. We only feature the newest energy-efficient designs, so if you’ve been searching for a better way to heat and cool your home or office with user-friendly control features, take a look at some of these ductless highlights to prepare for your new and improved indoor climate.

How Do Ductless Systems Work?

A ductless system uses a combination of fans, an evaporator unit, and refrigerant lines that are connected to an outdoor compressor. As the warmer air from the room passes along the evaporator coils on its way to the compressor, the warmth is absorbed by the coils and the cool air is blown back into the room. To warm space, the process is reversed and cool air absorbs warmth generated from within the system before being pushed back into the room. 

Smart Designs Simplify Installation in Any Space

A key advantage involved with our ductless systems is the ease of installation. Built with interior-design-friendly housing for an unobtrusive addition to any room, our skilled technicians can install the unit in one quick trip and you can enjoy your new interior comfort the very same day. Before our technicians arrive, preparing your room for our quick and easy installations is as simple as: 

  • Decide on the location; it’s best to install the unit on a large wall that’s on the same side as the main entrance to the room. You don’t want to blow warm or cool air directly at the entry/exit to a room! 
  • Move any artwork, fragile objects,  and furniture away from the installation area.
  • Clear a path for our installers so they can work without tripping hazards.
  • Once the ductless system arrives, be sure to verify that it is the exact unit you ordered.
  • That’s it! Our team handles the minimally-invasive wall mounting and exterior condenser installation following manufacturer-approved steps and ensures that the unit performs flawlessly before leaving your home or business. 

Other Ductless System Benefits

  • Better Air Quality: No ducts equals less dust & bacteria trapped within the home
  • Lower Overall Costs: Save on ductwork construction and protect your utility budget with optimal energy-efficiency
  • Discreet Units: Our small and sleek designs blend in with every interior theme

If you’d like to learn more about our versatile ductless systems, HVAC in Huntingdon, PA is your go-to resource for all of your heating and cooling needs.

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