6 Ductless HVAC Benefits for Your Home

Even though a majority of US homes are still using the traditional HVAC unit, recently, a lot of people are switching to ductless HVAC systems. As the name suggests, they do not need ductwork to move cool or warm air around your home. Historically, these systems, also called mini-split systems, have been more popular in Asian and European countries. However, they have started gaining popularity in the US due to the benefits they offer. Take a look at these six reasons why you should consider ductless AC installation in Philadelphia and across the extended areas.

They Are Easy to Install

Ductless HVAC systems eliminate the need for ductwork, which is one of the most complicated tasks associated with traditional AC systems. Installing a ductless AC system takes less time and effort. You will need a few pipes to go through your wall to connect the indoor and outdoor units, but this is not as invasive. We will come, evaluate your home’s design and come up with an installation plan in just a short time.

They Work Better for Older Homes

Most older homes lack the space for installing the ductwork needed for HVAC installation. And even if they do, it can be tricky as installing ductwork can damage some parts of the house like the original woodwork or plaster. This makes the ductless option appealing. You do not need any ductwork installation done. Homeowners can still enjoy efficient cooling and heating services without issues.

Location Flexibility

Many ductless units are small, which gives you some flexibility in terms of where the system is being placed around your home. For starters, you have size and style options for the indoor units. There are wall mounts, floor mounts, slim ducts, and ceiling cassettes. A home comfort advisor can assist you with choosing the type of indoor ductless unit that would work best for your home. 

Room by Room Custom Temperature Control

You can install several indoor units, depending on the areas you want to cool or heat the most. Installing multi-room ductless mini splits in your home will allow you to have temperature control comfort in each zone where the ductless is located. This will allows you to have the units in rooms that are unoccupied turned off. Turning on the ductless in rooms that are in use will reduce your energy bills and the temperature battle with the family. 

They Require Minor Maintenance

Like the traditional AC system, your ductless HVAC also needs maintenance. Fortunately, maintenance is pretty straightforward. You only need to keep the vents clear of any obstruction, clean the filters and clean the area around the unit outside. Doing this will maintain quality airflow around your home. Aside from that, you will also need the annual HVAC service in Horsham, PA

Our technician will come in and assess your system. If there are problems, repairs will be done immediately. We offer a club membership for maintenance on your ductless mini split system. Maintaining your ductless HVAC system will ensure it lasts a long time.

They Are Quiet 

Another benefit of ductless units is that they are quiet. A ductless HVAC unit has been built with comfort in mind. That means you will encounter less noise as the unit continues running. Because of this, the unit can be used in bedrooms, office spaces, or pretty much any room in your home.

If these benefits have convinced you to install a ductless HVAC unit, then let Energy-Star Services help you out. Our home comfort advisors will help you select a ductless system and send a team of technicians to install the unit in your home. Give us a call today, and let us help make your home more comfortable.