3 Common Winter Problems and How Energy-Star Services Can Prevent Them

There is never a good time for house problems to occur, but winter poses an especially bad time. Harsh weather can lead to complications with your airflow and heating systems that can be a pain to resolve in the cold. Energy-Star Services can provide preventative maintenance so you’re not stuck with inefficient systems when you need them the most! Here are three common problems we can prevent: 

1. The HVAC System Fails

Loss of heat during the winter leads to extremely uncomfortable in-home conditions. Energy-Star Services can help by performing prompt heating repairs in Princeton, NJ, the moment you notice a heating issue. Our club membership options allow you to stay on top of HVAC maintenance and prevent future issues. With an annual heat maintenance service, our technicians will inspect your system and fix any issues before the harsh winter weather settles in. With our membership club, the chances of your HVAC needing emergency repair become much lower.

2. Damaged Heat Pumps

Furnaces and boilers create heat, while pumps transfer heat from one area of your home to another. A damaged heat pump can make your home substantially colder.

We can fix and repair heat pumps to prevent future issues, and we take a look at pumps when we do maintenance checks. If you’re unsure what size and options serve you best, that is no problem. We help you decide.

3. Various Issues Causing A Spike In Allergies

Clogged air filters, dust or pet fur trapped in the carpet, and uneven airflow can all contribute to an allergy flare. Homeowners should change their air filters regularly to prevent unwanted particles in the air. 

We also offer options for radiant heated floors. One reason many people stick with carpets is because of heat, but radiant floor heating provides a lot of warmth without the allergy problems that carpets pose. In addition, radiant flooring is unobtrusive and quiet. The heat comes via electric wires or hot water tubes under the floor. The system requires a high-efficiency boiler and can drastically reduce allergy triggers. 

Let Energy-Star Services Be The Help You Need

Don’t sit in the cold any longer than you have to. At Energy-Star Services, we provide HVAC repair in Burlington, NJ, and across other New Jersey and Pennsylvania towns. Contact us today to prevent problems related to heating your home in the winter. We work with furnaces, boilers, heated floors, heat pumps, hot water heaters, smart homes, and much more.