3 Common Reasons Your Heating System Isn’t Running

Most of modern heating systems are very dependable and much more sophisticated than past models, but even they can develop problems that lead to their malfunctioning. Sometimes, they completely stop working, which can be a nightmare for homeowners in the dark depths of winter. And, while it may be frustrating, getting to the root of the problem is always the first step.

Here are three of the most common reasons for a heating system that isn’t working:

1. Improper Maintenance or No Maintenance at all

You should call a professional HVAC technician, at least once a year, to tune your furnace. While you may feel that this can get expensive, the alternative is a broken furnace that needs to be repaired or replaced, so such a visit is an investment in the future of your heating system.

First of all, parts need to be cleaned regularly. Dirty blowers may lead to full equipment failure, and the heat exchanger will overheat without enough air moving across it. That also means it will stop working.

Dirty air filters can also restrict the flow of heated air into your home, resulting in a system that seems as though it isn’t working. They should be replaced every three to six months.

2. Thermostat Problems

The thermostat is there to regulate the temperature of a room. In the case of your heating system, its functions include adjusting the amount of heat the furnace generates and what time it is generated.

Most thermostats today are digital and energy-efficient since they can be reliably set to switch on and off when you want and change the temperature of a room when you wish. But, some may need to be repaired or replaced as they age, and this means they will be unable to activate your heating system.

3. The Blower Capacitor Gone Bad

The blower capacitor is the part of your furnace that looks like a huge battery. Its function is to start the furnace once your thermostat gives it the cue to do so.

Your capacitor has a built-in tolerance level and if the current level is lower than what it is expected to be, it may not be able to get the blower to turn quickly enough to be efficient. And, if the capacitor is dead or near death, the blower won’t start at all, and you won’t feel any heat.

There are many reasons why your heating system may not be working, but it isn’t always the worst-case scenario. Don’t assume you will need to replace the entire system when it can honestly be just a simple fix. However, if you do need heating installation in Warminster, PA, Energy-Star Services is here to help.

If you are concerned, give us a call. We are the best company for heating repair in Bucks County, PA, and will assist you with all your heating system issues, whether they are minor or major. After all, you never want to go without the comfort you and your family deserve.