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So, your heater broke down, your air conditioner is racking up the utility bills, and you have no idea how to find a contractor you can trust! Well, we’re redefining HVAC service in Princeton, NJ with a team of reliable contractors that care. We aren’t your average HVAC company and have spent the last 20 years developing a foundation of integrity with honest service, straightforward guidance, and HVAC upgrades that perform as promised. Quality HVAC care is our specialty, and whether it’s an urgent heater repair or a full-service AC installation for your new home, consider your HVAC needs solved the moment you give us a call. 

Expert HVAC Services in Princeton, NJ 

To continuously provide better HVAC solutions in Princeton, NJ, we actively pursue the latest and greatest HVAC innovations. We source our advanced systems directly from our trusted manufacturers, and only feature products if they live up to our highest durability, performance, and energy-efficiency standards. Take a look at a few of our products for yourself, and you’ll find higher energy ratings, compact/discreet units, multiple options for single rooms, entire properties, and supportive additions for every unique space consideration.

Easily Accessible HVAC Services in Mercer County, NJ 

The accessibility of the upgrades and features you need is also important. Our AC, ductwork, and furnace repair experts are well-equipped to handle projects of all sizes and provide prompt and clean service in: 

  • Princeton
  • Hamilton
  • Trenton 
  • Lawrence Township
  • & More

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Emergencies Happen, That’s Why We Offer Same-Day Heat & AC Repairs

We know how important it is to maintain a comfortable quality of life with systems you can count on. That’s why every heating and AC installation we provide is backed with licensed, insured, and responsive care whenever you need us. The same goes for heating, ventilation, and AC installations that were purchased from another provider; we are certified and able to repair, maintain, and revitalize units from any HVAC company.

Although modern HVAC units are highly-efficient and durable, natural wear can take a toll on them, resulting in unexpected breakdowns and reduced efficiency. Whether you need boiler repair for a faulty unit or AC replacement for an outdated air conditioner, contact the experts at Energy-Star Services.

HVAC company in Princeton, NJ

Contact us early in the morning or in the middle of the night, and you’ll be met with courtesy and supportive guidance. We understand how stressful an emergency furnace repair or a hazardous heating installation issue can be and approach every service with honest evaluations and safety tips to reduce your risk to the home.

Before our contractors arrive, you’ll receive a thorough diagnostic based on similar service types. Then, while our contractors resolve the AC or Heat boiler repair, our Princeton, NJ team supports you with: 

Restoring the safety of your property is our number one focus. Emergency furnace repairs, high-voltage AC replacements, and other potentially-life threatening HVAC repair needs are quickly contained and restored by our experienced professionals in East Princeton, NJ.

Even if you aren’t dealing with an emergency boiler repair situation and only require a scheduled AC repair visit, we treat every heating repair and AC repair request as a priority. Beyond resolving the primary heating repair issue, we calibrate, clean, and only use brand-approved components to ensure that your equipment is protected from premature failures.

Our goal is always long-term equipment protection with every Heating or AC  repair. But, if it’s cheaper to perform an AC replacement or a new AC installation, it may make more sense to invest in an upgrade. If we do recommend a replacement over a boiler repair or an AC cleaning, all of our units include flexible financing, great warranty packages, and affordable maintenance plans for the life of your systems.

From Air Conditioning to Heating, We Can Handle All of Your HVAC Needs

We acknowledge that HVAC systems are vital for homes and keep families comfortable and healthy. Subsequently, we offer reliable and timely HVAC services to ensure your heating and cooling units work perfectly and prevent recurrent AC repair bills.

If you want an AC for your new home, we work with you throughout the AC installation process. We recommend the best units in the market for optimal functionality, efficiency, and durability. We also help you buy the right-sized AC for your home, something many homeowners struggle with.

Winters in Princeton are cold and snowy. The last thing you want is for your furnace to malfunction on a chilly winter evening. Keep your HVAC in excellent condition by investing in regular maintenance and heating repair.

Contact Energy-Star Services for all your cooling and heating needs. We are trained and certified to deliver a wide range of HVAC services, from furnace repair to annual tune-ups, or emergency services. Your comfort is our priority!

The Differences Between Boilers & Furnaces

Furnaces and boilers are both common heating systems in homes in Princeton, NJ, but they have some key differences. Boilers use hot water or other fluid to produce steam that gets circulated through pipes, whereas furnaces create heat using air and distribute the heat through ductwork and vents. Boilers are the more efficient heating option, especially when used for radiant heating systems. Furnaces tend to vary in efficiency based on the fuel they use and the age of the unit, but modern furnaces are highly efficient. 

When choosing the right heating installation or replacement for you and your home, consider the maintenance requirements for boilers and furnaces. Boilers generally require less maintenance because they are simpler machines, but it’s 

heating repair princeton nj

still essential to have them inspected regularly. Furnaces, on the other hand, require more frequent upkeep to ensure they’re working properly. Filters need to be changed, ducts need to be cleaned, and components need to be regularly inspected. For more information about furnaces, boilers, or ac units, get in touch with our team. We’re happy to help with any maintenance issue or emergency situation that needs prompt service. 

Do You Need an HVAC Contractor in East Princeton, NJ?

Until our HVAC company in Cherry Hill, NJ has improved your quality of life, reduced your monthly expenses, and successfully coordinated a better heating or cooling plan with you, our job isn’t finished. Contact our helpful team, and find a cost-saving or high-performance HVAC system that’s the right fit for your home or business today. Ask about our seasonal promotions.

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