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Honeywell Electronic Air PurifierIndoor Air Quality is often an overlooked aspect of health and comfort. Unfortunately, the air in your home could be polluted with dander, dust, mold, and other irritating and potentially dangerous substances. The good news is, you get effective and inexpensive systems installed in your home that will clean up the air and improve your home’s comfort and safety! Electronic air cleaners remove up to 99% of allergens and mold particles, and can reduce airborne dust, virus-sized particles, and more.

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The weather in Pennsylvania can bring the whole range of weather to those that live here. From dry winters that lead to dust and other irritants, to humid summers that can cause mold and mildew to grow, potentially irritating substances could be in your home’s air all year ’round. That’s why a permanent, whole-home solution is the most practical and effective option. Energy-Star technicians are familiar with the environment of the Greater Philadelphia region, and can help diagnose and improve your home’s indoor air quality in no time with these amazing electronic systems.

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Give the professionals at Energy-Star Services a call today and see hoe Electronic Air Cleaners can improve the quality of your home. Our technicians will use their expertise to fit your home with a perfectly sized system that will perform effectively and efficiently. These cost effective solutions arep roven to improve comfort and dealth. Call us today or use our Contact Form to get started.

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