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Oil Heat To Gas Heat Conversion

Where to Start your Natural Gas Heater Conversion

The Conversion process begins with an evaluation of your home or building to determine the layout of the installation. Our qualified technicians will tell you what steps are needed and give you an estimate of the cost.

If a gas line and a gas meter are present, the installation would take less time. If the property needs to have gas service installed, we can assist you in coordinating with your gas provider.

We offer a full range of options in new gas equipment, including high-efficiency or standard furnaces and boilers. We'll determine the demand for heat and hot water at the property and then explain your options so that you can choose the most suitable equipment.

Switching to natural gas heat eliminates the need for an underground storage tank. If it is above ground, switching to natural gas will eliminate any concern of spills or corrosion of the tank. No soot, ash, or odors.

Benefits of Natural Gas Heaters

  • Gas is more efficient than oil
  • Burning natural gas is safer and cleaner for the environment
  • Gas furnaces require less maintenance
  • Gas is piped to your home through reliable methods that will not run out

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