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Energy-Star Services can help you understand your Gas or Oil Furnace. We’ll assist you in making the best decision on selecting the Right Furnace for your home.

Ensure your new equipment is installed in the most Efficient and Effective manner. Improper Installation can damage your system, cost you money in monthly heating bills and lead to serious headaches down the road.

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Shopping for a New Gas Furnace

You would may be amazed at the new features available for gas furnaces. These ultra-efficient units cost less to operate and require far less maintenance than the furnaces of decades passed.

Save Money with High Efficiency Gas Furnaces

Energy-Saving units will reduce your monthly heating bill, helping to pay for themselves over their lifetime. Energy-Star Services experts will walk you through the variety of features and options to help you select the perfect gas furnace for your home.

Converting From Oil To Gas Furnace

Now is the time to Convert from your Oil Heating System into a cleaner burning and lower cost Natural Gas Furnace. Gas Furnaces are Extremely Efficient and easier to maintain than the traditional oil furnaces that leave soot and pollutants behind.

Request a consultation with one of our certified technicians and learn about the variety of benefits that come with a Gas Furnace. An Energy-Star Services Specialist will be able to make all of the necessary changes to your existing heating system for your home to begin pumping clean heat from your new Gas Furnace.

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