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How Important is an Oil Boilers Efficiency?

"The age and type of Oil Boiler you have can affect how efficiently it operates"

An oil boiler uses an oil-fired burner to heat water which provides hot water through the piping in your home to the heat source, whether it be radiators, aluminum fin baseboard, cast iron baseboard or convectors.

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Is your Boiler older than 12 years old?

If your boiler is older than 12 years old you should take these steps to determine if your boiler can be repaired or if you should schedule a free estimate right away.

  1. Is your boiler using more oil than usual?
  2. You may have noticed that the oil tank uses oil or needs to be refilled more often. Boilers become less effective at efficiently burning Oil to fuel your home as they age, especially if maintenance has been less than regular See Our Saver Maintenance Plans. A drop in efficiency could mean the system is approaching the end of its lifespan.

  3. Are repairs getting more costly and more regular?
  4. If you’re noticing clunking noises or other unnatural sounds coming from your boiler, it’s likely nearing the end of its life. As with any mechanical item with wearable moving parts, the older it gets, the more repairs it needs to adequately heat your home. Needing repairs multiple times per year is very expensive; you could be putting that money towards a new, much more efficient heating system.

  5. Are some rooms warmer than others?
  6. If you are noticing that rooms in your home tend to remain cold, even if you crank up the thermostat, you may need a new heating system. As boilers age beyond the 12-year mark, they lose the ability to adequately heat every room in your home. This also causes your system to work harder, costing you money on energy bills.

  7. Dou You Need To Upgrade Your Thermostat?
  8. This seems like maybe an unnecessary step but can actually save you quite a bit of money on your home heating bills. Older thermostats do not have any of the intuitive functionality that today's smart thermostats possess. Included in our packages for high-efficiency oil boilers, we provide several options for thermostat upgrades, including the Nest Learning Thermostat and the Honeywell Wi-Fi Total Connect Comfort Thermostat.

Ditch Your Oil Boiler for a Natural Gas Boiler

Energy-Star Comfort Specialist can easily adapt your existing oil heating system to run the new gas heating units efficiently and effectively. We can also help you sort through the various sizes and options for boilers, so you can rest assured you've selected the perfect heating system for your needs.

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