Types of Heat Sources for Heating Systems

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Heat Sources Furnaces Boilers Heat Pump Active Solar Heating Electric Heating
Efficiency 60 to 95% depending on the system's age Relatively Trouble free Does not distribute allergens Provide close temperature control Low maintenance and quiet operation
Life Expectancy 15-30 years 15-30 years 15 years 20+ years 20+ years
Fuel Natural gas, propane, heating oil, electricity Natural gas, propane, heating oil, bio-diesel blends, electricity Electricity, geothermal energy Solar energy Electricity
PRO Inexpensive Easier to heat only rooms that need heat Can be used for cooling and heating functions Reduce your fuel bill Inexpensive and relatively high efficient
CON The blower fan can be loud Expensive to install and requires a minimum temperature to prevent pipes from freezing Some types can be expensive to install Can require a second heating source, which makes it more costly Expensive to operate

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