Types of Distribution Systems for Philadelphia Heating Systems

Types of heating distribution systems found in Philadelphia and South New Jersey Homes.
Heating System Forced Air System Steam Radiant Radiant Heating Hot Water Baseboard Electric Baseboards
PRO It Can be used for cooling Relatively Trouble free Does not distribute allergens Provide close temperature control Low maintenance and quiet operation
CON Distributes allergens throughout the house Requires separate distribution system for cooling system Can be expensive to install and repair Limits furniture placement and slow to increase temperature Limits furniture placement and easily damaged
Energy-Saving Tip Clean your air filters monthly Bleeding trapped air from hot water radiation, which can impede flow of hot water throughout the system When installing in a wood framed floor, consider converting it with ceramic tiles, which adds thermal mass Install programmable thermostat to take advantage of zone heating Clean heating coils regularly to prolong life and efficiency
Compatible Heat Source Systems Furnace, Heat pump, active solar heating Boiler Boiler Heat pump, active solar heat, electric heating Boiler, active solar heating N/A