The Importance Of A Spring AC Maintenance And AC Tune-up

Just like your car, your AC unit needs regular tune-ups, especially in spring when temperatures start to rise. The last thing you want to experience is unexpected breakdowns during the hottest months of the year. Annual spring maintenance on your air conditioner by Energy-Star Services can help prevent summertime disasters! 

Extend The Life Of Your AC Unit

When you are consistent with maintenance, you extend the life of your air conditioner and reduce the likelihood of costly repairs in the future, and complete replacement of the entire system. Most repairs can be detected and prevented during an annual spring tune-up.

Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

It is especially important for allergy sufferers who know how tough spring and summer can be. If you skip spring maintenance and do not clean your AC after winter, the particles that build up in your AC could cause a worsening of your allergy symptoms. Ask us about the Reme Halo Whole House In-Duct Air Purifier. It reduces bacteria, viruses, odors, and mold spores in the air and on surfaces.  your home. 

Maximize Energy Efficiency

Today, most modern AC systems are made to provide maximum energy efficiency. However, in order to make sure that your AC system has excellent efficiency, you should clean its components every spring and make sure that all the parts are in excellent condition. 

Reduce The Chance Of A Unit Breakdown 

You want your AC system to be reliable and work perfectly, especially when you need it most. With a maintenance service from Energy-Star Services, you can reduce the chances that you’ll experience a full breakdown and need AC replacement in Warminster, PA

Have A Positive Impact On The Environment 

When you get your AC system tuned up regularly, you reduce the amount of energy used by your AC unit. As a result, this helps limit your carbon footprint on the environment.

Energy-Star Services Has What Your AC Unit Needs

At Energy-Star Services, our licensed and experienced professionals are ready to help you with spring AC maintenance. When you trust our team, you’ll receive a thorough inspection that will catch any issues before they get out of hand. If we catch any substantial issues, we’ll perform any AC repair in Ambler, PA that you need! We are capable of solving all types of problems and providing you with a quality AC system that will serve you for years. If you have any questions, want to get more detailed information about our services, or are interested in learning more about our membership program, contact us today!