The Benefits of an HVAC System Tune-Up for Efficient Summer Performance

Your HVAC worked fine over winter and functioned well last summer, so why are people telling you to get another tune-up now? Summer is on the way, and while things may have seemed OK so far, some issues go undetected until they become significant problems. A tune-up now ensures your HVAC is ready to go when temperatures rise.

The System Is Working as Efficiently as Possible

Your HVAC system needs an unclogged filter, a clean condenser, and many other clean, working parts to provide the cooling you’ll need once temperatures begin to get hotter. It also relies on your house being set up correctly to minimize the loss of cool air. The tune-up is a time to change filters, ensure everything is clean, and ensure that the system cools efficiently and doesn’t seem to struggle. If the tech spots issues, such as the house having trouble staying cool despite the system running well, then you know you have to take a look at potential leaky windows and doors. A tune-up is the starting point for finding problems that could result in high electric bills and an uncomfortable summer.

The System Doesn’t Have Hidden Problems

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems are just like any other part of your house. Age can make them start to break down, and you don’t have to use them often to see some of this age-related wear. Having regular tune-ups in the run-up to summer allows the repair tech to see if any problems are lurking deep in the system that could create havoc later on. You want to make sure that there are no loose parts or even corrosion that could cause the system to break down in the heat of summer.

Maybe you need a protective screen around the outdoor unit. Or maybe a part is simply old and not functioning as well as it should, which might not be a problem now, but it could break down later on. The tune-up lets the tech spot those and fix them as much as possible.

This Ensures the System Is Set to Your Liking

Finally, having regular AC tune-ups to get your HVAC system ready for summer ensures that the system is set up to cool your home to your comfort. You get to see that the vents are all angled the way you want them, that the filter is clean, that the thermostat is working as it should, and that there are no programming problems that could make it harder to set a temperature. You get a chance to make sure your home is keeping out hot air properly and that air blown by the fan is reaching every spot that it should. If you have rooms that don’t seem to cool as much as others, now is the time to have the HVAC home comfort specialist offer you solutions. You might consider adding a Ductless Mini-Split to those rooms. If there are rooms that you want to cool less (such as unused rooms that don’t need as much cool air), the HVAC company inspects to see if there’s a pressure problem in the rest of the house.

Whether you’re facing a hotter summer than normal or just want to ensure that you can remain cool in general as the year goes on, you’ll want to have a professional HVAC company inspect and tune up your home’s cooling and ventilation system. When you need AC repair in Warminster, PA, or air conditioning repair in Bensalem, PA, contact Energy-Star Services for help.