Making Your Air Conditioning System More Efficient

We’re proud to serve home and business owners all around Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We take hundreds of calls from residents looking for everything from a routine check-up to an emergency repair. Regardless of your heating service needs, there are a few bits of information you can have on hand that will make the scheduling process smoother and more efficient. When you call to schedule an appointment for home heating repair, you should have answers for the following questions:

Making Your Air Conditioning System More Efficient

6 Tips To Reduce Energy Cost and Make Your Air Conditioning
(Central A/C) System More Efficient.

  • Insulate Your home
  • Use Fans to improve circulation
  • Use Exhaust fans to remove hot air
  • Energy Efficient Bulbs – Use energy efficient bulbs such as CFLs and LEDs. Incandescent light bulbs lose 90% of their energy as heat.
  • Clean and Maintain Air conditioners
  • Shade on window Air conditioning units reduce the workload of the AC system


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