Installation of New Air Conditioning System Determining Factors

1. Home Square Footage 

The right AC System for your home is determined by the square footage of your home. It’s important that the air conditioning unit is properly sized because a unit that’s too small won’t cool efficiently, and one that’s too large will cycle on and off frequently which would cause the system to burn out sooner. 

2. Efficiency 

Air Conditioning efficiency is measured by Seer ( seasonal energy efficiency rating ). The higher the seer the quieter and more feature functionality but the cost is more but it’s higher efficiency. You can get a lower seer with lower efficiency at a lower cost. Under sizing your AC unit can cost more in the long run. If it runs all the time your system would struggle to keep up with your home’s cooling needs.

Oversized AC units would draw more power than what is needed and still won’t cool enough. An Energy-Star Services Home Comfort specialist can give you a FREE ESTIMATE with different options on which Central AC system package would work best for you and your home’s comfort. 

3. AC System Type 

You may think that Central AC installation is the type of AC you need but there are many types of Air Conditioning system types to consider. Central AC, Ductless, High Velocity, Heat Pump, or Package Unit.

4. Replace or Upgrading Your Old AC System 

If your AC system is not functioning properly, not cooling as it should, or is dated then it’s time for a New Air Conditioning System. With modern technology, HVAC systems are always advancing. At Energy-Star Services we stay up to date with the latest and greatest. Newer models are made quieter and more efficient. We can integrate new AC systems with fabricating existing ductwork and blend it seamlessly in your home or run all new ductwork if necessary. Have an Energy-Star Services Home Comfort Advisor assess your existing AC system, your home, and areas of installation to ensure accuracy of system type and placement for your New AC installation in Montgomery County, PA.


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