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Home Duct Work

When the weather changes it’s easy to focus on the big equipment that supports your home’s most vital systems. In the fall, we look into our furnaces and boilers, and in the spring we look at our AC units and central air systems. What’s harder to remember is the system of ducts and vents that spread that heated or cooled air throughout your home or business. It is important to recognize that a perfectly good heating or cooling unit can be compromised with a poorly installed or improperly maintained duct system.

Poorly Maintained Duct Work Can Cost You Money

A bad duct system causes your equipment to work harder and less efficiently, and many residential systems are not installed properly. The good news is, a qualified HVAC technician can recognize duct issues and remedy the problem. At Energy-Star Services, we can diagnose an issue with your ductwork and ensure your heating system is working well from top to bottom. After performing routine ductwork, home and business owners often see measurable drops in energy costs as their equipment runs more efficiently.

Energy-Star Air Duct Repair

Call Energy-Star Services today if you are in the Greater Philadelphia area and have questions or concerns about your duct and ventilation system. We are experienced in working with every kind of duct system, and we take pride in providing only the highest quality customer care.