Fall Tips on Preserving Your HVAC System

With summer coming to an end, we look forward to the fall season. It comes with crisp weather, beautiful foliage, warm colors, and some optimism. But amidst that excitement, it also means you will be switching your air conditioner from cooling to heating or running both. At the end of summer and early fall, the weather is inconsistent. Day temperatures may still be warm so you might run your AC and then it gets cool at night where you might need to turn on the heat. Is your HVAC system ready to meet the demands of the new season or the in between temperatures? Here are your fall tips for preserving your heating and air conditioning in Cherry Hill.

Clean the Area Around Your Outdoor Unit

Fall is a good time to check the condition of the outdoor unit. Is there any debris or damage preventing the unit from running smoothly? We understand that most homeowners like growing some plants near the unit to cover it a little. However, that shrubbery should not be too close to it. And if the vegetation nearby has overgrown, trim it down before winter approaches. Sweep away twigs, dirt, dead leaves, and rocks. But if you suspect that the dirt or debris has gotten inside the unit, reach out to HVAC companies in Montgomery County, PA, and find a technician for a thorough checkup.

Check for a Leaking Refrigerant

Do you feel like your HVAC system is losing its cooling power? You probably have a refrigerant leak. A refrigerant leak can lead to other issues like compressor failure. A leak makes the unit work extra hard, and this damages the compressor eventually. Fix the issue early to prevent your AC unit from deteriorating further. Also, note that this is not a DIY job. Let us handle the job for you. We will find the leak quickly and fix it before it causes further damage.

Change Your Filters

Have you replaced your filters recently? Filters keep your unit clean by filtering dirt and debris. They ensure the unit runs smoothly. Clogged filters reduce airflow to your system, and this strains it. Filters need to be replaced every 1 to 3 months. If your household has many people and pets, replace the filters monthly.

Purchase a Programmable Thermostat with Installation 

Fall temperatures tend to fluctuate. One day you wake up to a really cold morning, and by lunchtime, it is quite hot. With these varying weather patterns, your Heat and AC unit has to adapt to various temperatures. If you are yet to, we recommend getting a programmable thermostat. It will respond to the changing weather conditions, ensuring the house is always at optimum temperature. Ask us about your programmable thermostat options.

Bring in the Pros for Regular Maintenance

We suggest allowing licensed HVAC technicians to come in and do some preventative maintenance during the fall. Fall is the ideal time to do maintenance without causing any inconveniences to your home. A regular maintenance on your heat and AC system is essential to keeping your equipment healthy year after year. Proper maintenance is also the only way to ensure your system is running at its most efficient rate and to catch possible problems before they cause catastrophic damage. 

The HVAC experts at Energy-Star Services are familiar with every component and know exactly what to look for and how to keep things running smoothly every time you fire it up. Ignoring regular maintenance can cost you money every month as you system loses efficiency and could become a major headache if a smaller problem goes undetected and turns into a more costly repair. This fall, allow Energy-Star Services to help preserve your HVAC system. Our qualified technicians have undergone training to help in the maintenance and repair of all types of HVAC systems. Sign up for a club membership and save on your heating maintenance. Give us a call today.