End of Winter Furnace Preparations

End of Season Furnace Repair

It may not feel like it, but spring weather is coming soon! That means it’s time to think about some end of season care for your furnace or heating system so you can ensure a smooth transition next winter. By having a trained professional perform some basic but important tasks at the end of the winter, you can save yourself the money and aggravation of having a faulty unit when you need your heater most.

Changing Filters

Don’t leave your furnace to sit all season with the same dirty filters you ended with. Next fall, when you get that surprise frost early in the season, you’ll be glad to know your heating system is dispersing clean and safe air throughout your home.

Check the Pilot Light and Surrounding Components

A trained professional should check your furnace’s pilot light, burner assembly, and supporting components that are essential to a working and efficiently operating piece of equipment. Similarly, boilers have a number of pieces to keep an eye on.

Preventative Diagnosis

Providing adequate care to your furnace at the end of the season will make things much easier when the weather drops again. But it could also save you a ton of money. Having a trained HVAC technician look at your equipment will give you the ability to diagnose any faulty components before they cause a more expensive problem. Too often we see equipment that has been neglected for too long, and home owners have to choose between a costly repair and a heat for their home.

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