Cost to Install Central Air Conditioning

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What is the typical cost to install Central Air Conditioning in Greater Philadelphia?

The cost for installing a Central Air system depends on a lot of factors. An experienced HVAC technician will determine the optimal system for your home. They will consider the size of the house, the height of the ceilings, number of windows, and the quality of insulation and construction. The amount of sun exposure is also a factor.

How do these factors affect the cost to install Central Air Conditioning?

For example, and older home built with older construction techniques may require additional work to properly install an efficient system. Keep in mind, installing an AC the right way the first time will save you money in the long run. Your system will use less energy, saving you on monthly utility bills. Beyond that, you’ll avoid over-working equipment which mean you won’t need as many repairs down the road.

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Extra costs that may be associated with Central Air installation include the cost for fire inspection, local permits and periodic maintenance services by a licensed HVAC company.

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