Can Your HVAC Keep Up With The Fluxing Weather

Yes, the weather is changing due to forces beyond our control, but is your heating system able to keep up with warm days, cold nights, and weeks all over the board,

If your style is struggling to keep up with the fluctuating weather from warm Fall days or crisp Spring nights, don’t wait to find the right solution. 

You don’t have to suffer in an overly cold home or warm nights for the sake of your HVAC system. Learn how you can improve your home comfort today!

Here are the most energy-efficient heating systems available and how they save you money while helping to sustain the planet:

1. Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are simply the most energy-efficient heating systems available since they operate by simply taking heat from one source and moving it into another place. They capture it from outside and pump it into your home in the winter and then they remove it from your home and pump it outside in the summer. Heat pumps are so surprisingly efficient that they have been known to produce more energy than what is generated by the electricity that they need to run.

2. Furnaces

A home furnace is the second most efficient heating system available. And, while this may not be true of older models, the newer generations have been designed with energy efficiency in mind. That is why manufacturers have developed features and technology that now boost efficiency to higher levels than were thought possible even ten years ago. This is true whether the furnace you choose runs on natural gas, oil, or electricity.

3. Boilers

The third most energy-efficient heating system for your home is a boiler. They just boil water until it is either extraordinarily hot, or it has transitioned into steam, and circulate the heated water or steam through pipes and into the radiators found in each room.

Like furnaces, boilers are also rated by AFUE scores. Some boilers have higher ratings than even the most efficient furnaces on the market. That is why it is important to compare these numbers when shopping for an energy-efficient heating system.

Condensing boilers even use second heat exchangers to extract the heat from exhaust gases before them being vented outdoors. That means they reuse heat that has already been paid for before it is expelled from the building. That makes them the most efficient boiler models available right now.

Upgrade Your Heating & Stay Comfortable All Year Long

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