3 Things to Know When Calling Your HVAC Company

We’re proud to serve home and business owners all around Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We take hundreds of calls from residents looking for everything from a routine check-up to an emergency repair. Regardless of your heating service needs, there are a few bits of information you can have on hand that will make the scheduling process smoother and more efficient. When you call to schedule an appointment for home heating repair, you should have answers for the following questions:

1. What Type of Heat Do You Have?

You don’t have to be a heating expert, but you should be familiar with the type of heater your home is using. Is it a furnace? A boiler? Radiators? If it is a furnace, is it gas or oil? This information will give our technicians an idea of what kind of job they’re heading in to. Knowing this will also ensure we bring the proper tools to diagnose and repair your home’s equipment.

2. Where is the Furnace or Heating Unit?

Is it in an unfinished basement? Mud room? On the roof? If so, how tall is the roof? By knowing this, our HVAC professionals will bring any ladders or extra gear necessary to access your equipment and get to work. By knowing the location of the furnace, we can also get an idea as to what kind of challenges the equipment might face day-to-day including moisture or high temperatures.

3. What is the square footage of you home?

3 Things to Know When Calling Your HVAC Company

We don’t need an exact figure from you, but an educated guess will help our technicians gauge the size of your equipment. Larger homes will have larger units to heat the additional space. Different sizes of furnaces and boilers require their own unique tools and diagnoses. Get to know your home’s heating system, before it’s time to make a call, it can speed up the process and avoid mistakes! If you don’t know what kind of heater you have, and aren’t sure when the last time you’ve had your equipment serviced, call Energy-Star Services today and schedule a trained professional to perform preventative maintenance and save you the headache of bigger issues down the road!

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