High Velocity Air Conditioning Repair and Installation

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Energy-Star Services can offer you the option of installing a High Velocity System for your home or small office in Philadelphia, Surrounding Suburbs or South New Jersey. This unique equipment provides comfort for your home without having to install ducts and pipes.

High Velocity Systems

SpacePak High Velocity Air Conditioning Systems

We're proud to carry some of the world's leading names in home heating and cooling technology. SpacePak systems have earned a reputation for reliability and efficiency, and we offer low prices on all of their equipment alongside our expertise in installation and maintenance of these modern units. Check out Spacepak products today and reach out to our team when you're ready for a hassle-free in-home consultation.

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Small Ducts, No Ductwork? Ask about our High Velocity System Installation

High Velocity Systems utilize one small duct that is 2 inches in diameter. Through this ventilation, the system pushes high-velocity airflow equivalent to a 6-inch diameter duct from a standard heating and cooling system. By moving more air through a smaller system, High-Velocity equipment can provide effective cooling with a more efficient use of space. The system is quieter than traditional equipment and provides a cost-effective cooling solution for any home or small office regardless of the structure’s design, age, size, or construction type.